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Group Fitness

Whether you are searching for serenity or a serious sweat sesh, we have something for everyone! Our group fitness instructors are as diverse are the classes they offer so you are certain to find the right fit for your personality, ability level, schedule, and preferred disciplines! 


Personal Training

Are you looking for someone to push you past your current level of physical ability so you are better able to navigate this world more comfortably in your skin? Are you searching for support through challenge, setbacks, and hurdles? Do you crave ongoing and supportive accountability? You have found your girl! 


Wellness Coaching

Are you feeling stuck on your journey to better health? Do you cyclically hung-up on the same poor health behaviors? If the dreams you have for your overall health include more than goals you set in a weight room, wellness coaching is for you!


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Hey There!

I'm Aubrey Stetter-Hesselberg. I am an enthusiastic Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor by day... passionate mother and wife by night! I live thankfully in the chaos, enjoy serene moments when my gorgeous daughters are loving to one another, and like daytime dates with my hubby! Coffee entices me to rise each morning, inspiration from others keeps me fully-charged throughout the day, and my loving family tucks me in at night. I am truly blessed xo

Click below to learn more about me and/or see adorable pics of my family and a snapshot into our chaos! 

I had the honor of working with Aubrey and let me tell you she has a gift. A gift to make you think, help you find truth, challenge yourself, make decisions and set some goals. I won’t lie. It’s hard and scary when someone makes you realize things that you knew were buried in there but didn’t have the strength to admit truths. What was so beautiful about the journey is that Aubrey’s there for you the whole way. Your biggest cheerleader, your unbiased confidant who wants you to be your best you.
— Heather P.